Good grief, listen to this man!

2010 June 10
by Joonas Mäkinen

This spontaneous blog entry is just to remind you about hope that is always there. To never give up if you really need something.

As a teacher, I’ve ran into students who have succeeded and failed. I’ve seen good and bad students. And you know what? The best students of mine have been those who have been brave enough to fail. Brave enough to fail and learn from it.

In many cases, “failing” doesn’t bear any real negative consequences. If it’s about trying to get the ball into the goal or solving a mathematical equation, there is nothing harmful that can come to you from failing. Such cases should be treated as worry-free zones, where one can freely try out things without being scared of (nonexistent) bad consequences.

Learn from this man, Nick Vujicic:

  • Lassi Kortela

    Uncanny, just saw the second video yesterday. About his attitude: easier said than done :)